in-cyprusNatural trails of Cyprus. Part XIX. Kyparissia forest - Germasogeia dam (linear)

Natural trails of Cyprus. Part XIX. Kyparissia forest – Germasogeia dam (linear)

The trail initially passes through areas of forest and then continues for a short distance along the Kyparissia River, offering panoramic views of the Germasogeia dam and Limassol. The trail runs through a forest, with clusters of Cypress trees (Cupressus sempervirens var. horizontalis), and connects to the circular trail of Germasogeia dam. The Kyparissia Forest is a Natura 2000 site.

Kyparissia ­- Ydatofraktis (dam) Germasogeias (Linear) - Lemesos (Limassol) District, Lemesos Forest Nature Trail

Flora: While hiking you can study the endemic plants: Entire – Leaved Horehound (Acanthoprasium integrifolium), Kakomallis Alison (Alyssum chondrogynum), Thyme (Thymus integer), Shrubby knapweed (Ptilostemon chamaepeuce subsp. cyprius), Cyprus Yellow Sun Rose (Helianthemum obtusifolium).

Fauna: The main species of fauna found in the area are:

Mammals: Fox, hare, hedgehog.

Birds:  Bonelli’s eagle, Wood pigeon, partridge, Cyprus warbler (endemic), Cyprus wheatear (endemic).

Reptiles: Cyprus viper, Cyprus lizard, Black whip snake.

GPS coordinates of the starting point: Lat: 34.794998 Lon: 33.136578
GPS coordinates of the ending point: Lat: 34.759798 Lon: 33.104231
Altitude of the starting point: 562m
Altitude of the highest peak: 692m
Altitude of the end peak: 140m
Starting point: Around 3km from the main Parekklisia – Kellaki road.
Length: (a) 3.7km (circular), (b) 11km (ends at Germasogeia Dam)
Estimated duration: (a) 1.5 hour, (b) 3 – ­ 3.5 hours
Difficulty rate: (a) 2 (there is a steep downhill at the start), (b) 3 (there is a steep downhill at the start)


Natural trails of Cyprus. Part XVIII. Xyliatos (circular)

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