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Churches of Kouris Valley

Kouris Valley, about 20 minutes from Limassol, has a number of important Byzantine monuments.

They include the 12th century church of the Monastery of Panayia tis Amasgou, the Church of Timios Stavros at Kouka village and the Church of Archangelos at Monagri.

The vaulted Church of the Monastery of Panagia tis Amasgou dates to the 12th century and has a second roof made of wood and tiles. The church has a series of wall paintings from the 12th, 14th and 16th centuries. The monastery functions nowadays as a convent.

The Church of Archangelos at Monagri was built in 1740 on the foundations of an older monastery that had burned down. Of interest is its wood-carved icon-stand. The northern buildings of the monastery have been restored and turned into an art centre.

The Church of Timios Stavros at Kouka possesses a superb example of Palaeologue art in a 14th century wall painting. Also worth visiting in the area is the picturesque village of Lania, beloved village of artisans.

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