ReligionLarnacaSea-to-Sky Training Run in Larnaca on Saturday, August 28

Sea-to-Sky Training Run in Larnaca on Saturday, August 28

This is the first of the planned group runs along the route of the 130 km Sea-to-Sky challenge that took place on November 20 last year.
The team will start at the very beginning — on the beach at Alaminos — and run through farmlands and up some rugged hills before dropping down into Agios Theodoros –  the distance is 10km. Those wanting to run 20km turn around here and retrace their steps to Alaminos beach.
There will be water and Coke available at the turnaround and runners are welcome at the start to leave anything extra they want for that point in the vehicle .
For those wanting to do only 10km there are some very limited spaces in the vehicle for a ride back to the start. Please indicate if you would need a ride back. If too many runners plan to end at Agios Theodoros, there will be a need to arrange the additional car-sharing options.
This first section of the ultra is relatively easy running along tracks, passing through picturesque countryside.
The organisers have added the minimal markings at intersections but runners will need to follow the way on a GPX device (the GPX file will be send to those who want – please provide the organisers with your email address while filling the application).
Runners are invited to stay at Alaminos Beach afterwards for a swim and a drink at the beach bar.
The run to be held in honour of enthusiastic trail runners/cyclists/divers Julie and Chris Clayton, who sadly will be leaving Cyprus early September after four adventurous years on the island.

NOTE: This and other training runs we will be doing in the coming weeks and months are not limited to those taking part in the Sea-to-Sky ultra. They are aimed at introducing runners to new trails in areas of the island they may not know (e.g. who has ever been to Kypra Vasa?). All runners and even walkers are welcome. People can turn back whenever they want, making their expedition as short or as long as they wish.
There is no charge for these training runs.

When Saturday, August 28

Where Alaminos beach, Larnaca


To apply please follow the link


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