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Heritage of Agios Agapitikos

On the north-eastern corner of Fabrica hill lies a cave known as the Cave of Agios Agapitikos.

It is not known if there is any connection between this cave and the sarcophagus in the central square of Pano Arodes village, in the same district, also dedicated to Agios Agapitikos. As in Arodes, next to the cave of Agios Agapitikos once stood the cave of Agios Misitikos and a third cave dedicated to Agios Xorinos. The latter two caves, however, have been destroyed.

Tradition has it that those in love should visit the cave unobserved, leave some coins and take some earth from the cave which they should throw into their loved one’s drink. As is the case with Agios Agapitikos in Pano Arodes, for such an escapade to be successful, it should be carried out in complete secrecy, without the help of a third party.

Photos by Kostas Papasavva

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