DiscoverMarbling and Bookbinding Workshop

Marbling and Bookbinding Workshop

If you love playing with paint or getting creative with paper, this workshop is for you. No previous experience needed!

Traditionally, marbling and bookbinding have always gone hand in hand – discover for yourself how the chaos of marbling beautifully complements the detail of bookbinding.
In this comprehensive full-day workshop you will begin with an introduction to marbling and you will learn how to do your own marbled papers using a centuries-old marbling technique.

You will then be guided through the process of using your marbled papers to make your notebook, giving you an introductory course on the traditional craft of bookbinding.

Christina of Miss Marble studio, will give you a brief history on marbling, the technical ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s, and lots of time for trying it out to create your papers. Then, Marina of Pinna Nobilis Bookworks will take you through the process of using your marbled papers to create a long stitch notebook.

Students will each leave with their handmade long stitch book covered with their own marbled paper as well as any additional marbled papers left over from the morning.

Additionally, you will get a handout with all the information shared in both classes.


Paper Marbling

During this class, you will learn the basic patterns of ‘Ebru’ and other techniques and you will experiment with painting on water, marble paper and marble sketch.

Marbling is great fun but super messy so make sure you wear old clothes or bring an apron with you.

Lunch break

There will be break at 1pm for you to eat lunch and rest before the bookbinding session. Food will not be provided, but you can order or bring your own packed lunch to eat. Tea, coffee, water will be provided throughout the session.


There are many variations that fall under this historic and popular bookbinding technique, the longstitch binding, is a type of binding that pages (signatures) are sewn directly to the cover of the book without using glue.

In this class, Marina will take you through the process of creating your own notebook step-by-step using simple methods, by cutting and folding your paper, measuring and punching holes and lastly hand sewing your paper onto the covering material. Very few tools are needed to make this style of book, so the possibilities of making your own notebook are endless once you learn this skill!

• Language Greek, English
• All Levels
• Limited Spots available
• All the tools and materials will be provided.
* Bookings are mandatory and prepaid.
** No previous experience is needed to be able to participate.
Workshop price €‎120

Sunday, March 31, 10 pm – 352 Ayiou Andreou Street, Limassol

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