EUEducationWhere we are and what is next? Bi-communal online event

Where we are and what is next? Bi-communal online event

Are you a young Cypriot with social concerns who is interested in developing bi-communal relations as a way to support our island’s reunification?
If your answer is “yes”, then the virtual event titled ‘Reviewing 17 years of social psychological research of bicommunal relations in Cyprus: Where we are and what is next?’ is ideal for you!
The speakers are Dr Charis Psaltis, Associate Professor of Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cyprus and Dr Huseyin Cakal, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Keele University in the UK.
Dr Psaltis and Dr Cakal will present their research on intercommunal relations in Cyprus from the opening of checkpoints in 2003 until today.
After the talk, there will be a Q&A session where you can contribute with your questions to the two researchers.

Speakers’ Bios

Dr Charis Psaltis

Dr Charis Psaltis is an Associate Professor of Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cyprus. He holds a degree in Educational Sciences and a degree in Psychology. He received his MPhil and PhD in Social and Developmental Psychology from the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Cambridge. He also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Oxford Centre for the Study of Intergroup Conflict at the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, where he studied intergroup contact between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. His main research interests are social interaction and learning and development, genetic epistemology, social representations of gender, intergroup contact and intergroup relations, the development of national identities, history teaching and collective memory. He currently runs the University Centre for Field Studies at the University of Cyprus and co-directs the Genetic Social Psychology Lab. He is the Cyprus national coordinator for Round 10 of European Social Survey (ESS).

Dr Huseyin Cakal

Dr Huseyin Cakal is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Psychology at Keele University, United Kingdom. He completed his BA and MA Ed. in English Language Teaching at Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey. He then obtained a MSc in Sociology from the University of Manchester and DPhil in Social Psychology from the University of Oxford. Following his doctoral training, he worked as postdoctoral researcher at Exeter University. At Keele, he established and run InteR-Pol (Intergroup Relations and Political Behaviour) Lab which conducted research on intergroup relations, prejudice reduction strategies, collective action, and mental health among severely disadvantaged communities in the least accessed regions, e.g., South East Asia, Latin America, and in the Middle East.

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The event is supported by UNFICYP and is co-organized by:
1. Bi-communal Network of Cypriot Youth
2. Famagusta Avenue Garage
3. Agros Youth Club
4. Youth Information Centers – Youth Board of Cyprus
Where On-line via Zoom click here to get the link
When Wednesday, March 24 at 6pm

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