DiscoverDANCE JOURNEY | Release. Explore. Connect.

DANCE JOURNEY | Release. Explore. Connect.

Come and join us on the journey of coming back to our body, our temple which longs to be with us.

We are going to develop body awareness thought out the session in order to feel the totality of our essence and most importantly have fun and feel alive within our bodies.

We are going to allow the body to find its authentic movement in order to release whatever stagnate energy is stored in our muscles. and find the natural flow of our individual movement.

Breath, movement and sound are the main tools that we are going to be exploring.

All of you are welcome here, come as you are, it’s an opportunity to let go of any barrier you hold from your truest authentic self.

This Dance Journey with Andria Sp is going to be special because Andria herself is very special.

She is a dancer and performer, a fire dancer and a certified yoga teacher. She also recently came back from India where she was studying traditional dancing.

Her Dance Journey will be focused on authentic movement, guiding you to flow, release and move how your body wants to move.

Limited spots!

Registrations: 96-661380
Cost: €15

Saturday 22 April from 11 am to 12:30 pm at Entos ton Technon, Aisxylou 29, Nicosia

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