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Paphos’ top beaches

There are 27 beaches in Paphos along 50km of coastline. Everybody has their favourites whether it is a long, sandy tourist stretch with great refreshment facilities or a quiet rocky cove located off the beaten track. Locals and visitors truly are spoilt for choice for lovely spots to spend a few hours sunbathing and swimming.

The Cyprus Weekly decided to base its recommendations on beaches that have Blue Flag status and a presence of lifeguards. Blue Flag status is awarded to beaches with clean water and an array of facilities which are practical for bathers. Twelve beaches in Paphos have been awarded this status. That being said, just about all of the water around Paphos is in pristine condition and if hitting a secluded spot without lifeguards or sun bed facilities is your thing, there are plenty of options. See our listing of reliable websites at the bottom of the page for details on what is at offer at the 27 beaches dotted around the district.

Petra tou Romiou Beach, Coastal Road, 25 km east of Paphos

We can’t possibly cover Paphos beaches without mentioning Petra tou Romiou or Aphrodite’s Rock. This stony beach is perfect for an evening walk and you can join visitors in a mid-day cooling dip if you stick to the shallows. Legend goes that if you can swim around the rock you will be granted eternal youth. There is no lifeguard at this beach so keeping within your depth is the wise decision.

There is a bus service to this spot (

Ta Bania, Poseidonos Avenue, Kato Paphos

There aren’t many places where you can take a cool and refreshing dip in the middle of the town but at Ta Bania, home of the winter swimmers, you can. You can slip into the sea or an enclosed pool area from an extensive deck area which has changing rooms and showers. Particularly appealing if you like a beautifully rocky seabed. There’s ample room for sunbathers. A cafe right next to the baths provides refreshments.

Polis Beach, 500 metres from Polis town centre.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better than camping by the Mediterranean. Taking an evening dip under the stars and another at dawn while enjoying life amongst the eucalyptus trees in between is one of summer’s joys in Paphos. It’s hard to believe that Polis town is only a stone’s throw away.

Camp ground facilities on offer include a bar and restaurant, regular live music, showers, dish-washing facilities, a lifeguard, TV and umbrellas and sun beds. The beach itself is wide and a mixture of sand and pebbles.

There’s room for 200 tents. Rates are €2.60 per person, €3.50 per tent and €2 per car. The campsite does not hire out tents so be sure you bring your own. Phone 26815080 for full pitching rates information.

Yeroskipou Municipal Beach, Yeroskipou

Located on the coastline below Yeroskipou village, this beach boasts a comfortable length, reasonably-priced, relaxed beach bars and line of wave breakers which make swimming extra safe. A combination of sand and stone, you can bring a towel or hire a sun bed from one of the beach bars for a few euros.

A few ‘toys’ have been added to the waters. In between having a paddle, you can try to climb a stationary floating ‘iceberg’ or have fun on banana boats all located within a close distance from the coast. If you are a serious swimmer, pick one end of the wave-breakers and simply make your way back and forth along them for a good exercise session. You won’t be interrupted.

La Playa Beach is part of the wider area. It is well-known for hosting music events in the summer.

Laourou Beach, Peyia

Coral Bay Beach in Peyia is fabulous for its long stretch and available facilities. However, if you’re looking for a Peyia beach which is a little less touirst-geared, look no further than Laourou Beach a little further long the coast. It’s sandy and secluded with water sports, sun bed and umbrella hire are available on site.

All of the above beaches are accessible by bus, car, motorbike and bicycle. Lifeguards on duty from 11am to 5.30pm during the tourist season. All also have wheelchair access.

Important: always heed warning signs about dangerous coastline. The sea may look calm and inviting but there are dangerous undercurrents.

Best Kept Secret

There are about 50 small hotel beaches for use by guests but also accessible to non-guests. There is no harm in taking a cooling dip at one of these little coves just always exercise respect to the hotel and guests and do not annex the designated beach beds. This is not right and will not go down very well!

For more details on all the splendid beaches of Paphos, visit the following official sites.

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