DiscoverAre you(th) voting in the upcoming European elections?

Are you(th) voting in the upcoming European elections?

The Cyprus Youth Council (CYC) invites young people to participate in the three-day conference “Are you(th) voting in the upcoming European elections?

The conference will be held on June 16-18, 2023 at Rodon Hotel, Agros.

The aim of the conference is, through a constructive dialogue between young people and policymakers, to achieve the active participation of young people in the democratic life of both Cyprus and the EU, as well as to give them the ground to discuss the upcoming European elections in May 2024.

In particular, the needs and opinions of the youth of our country will be discussed after discussing the findings of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the European Year of Youth and the results of the 9th cycle of the European Dialogue with the Youth.

In the context of the conference, issues related to youth participation in society, democratic values, transparency, democracy and electoral procedures will be discussed.

The goal of the conference is to record the findings in a policy document and promote them to policymakers for inclusion in their future youth-focused actions.

Profile of the participants:

  • Be aged 16 – 35 years or be Youth Workers in the field of Youth Policy (16-35
    years old).
  • Have a growing interest in youth and politics of both Cyprus and the EU.
  • Have knowledge about the Conference on the Future of Europe, the European Year
    of Youth as well as the European Dialogue with Youth.
  • Be young people with fewer opportunities.
  • Be young people from all communities and minorities in Cyprus, and from rural
  • Be actively involved in Youth NGOs – members of CYC although not mandatory.
  • Be able to take part in all the workshops.
  • The working language of the conference will be Greek. However, if there are sufficient
    English-speaking participants the conference will also be facilitated in English.

Participants will incur a participation fee of €30 which will cover full boarding and
lodging during the seminar After the selection, each participant is responsible for paying the fee at least ten (10) days before the conference.

Participants who will travel to the conference area in their private car will be compensated based on kilometre distance. In order to receive the money, relevant evidence must be submitted.

Application deadline: Monday, May 22, 2023, 23:59.

  • Those who will participate in all conference activities will receive a certificate of
  • There is a limited number of participants.
  • Priority will be given to applicants from Cyprus Youth Council member organisations. A
    number of places will also be given to young people who have a growing interest in youth
    issues or have fewer opportunities but do not belong to a member organisation of the
    Cyprus Youth Council.

For more information, please contact Cyprus Youth Council at 22878316 and/or
at [email protected].

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