in-cyprusTwo women arrested in Paphos on suspicion of theft

Two women arrested in Paphos on suspicion of theft

A case of conspiracy to commit a crime, burglary, theft and malicious damage is now being investigated by the Paphos Police Department for which two women have been arrested on suspicion of committing the crime.

The case was reported by a 74-year-old woman who stated that unknown persons entered her residence located in Paphos and seized various household appliances and items coming up to a total value of 470 euro.

The storage room of the same house was also reportedly burgled and various furniture worth a total of 1755 euro were stolen. Members of the Paphos Crime Investigation Department utilizing and evaluating some of the information they possessed, led to the issuance of two arrest warrants against two women who are permanent residents of Paphos, aged 46 and 35 respectively.

According to the same information the two women were seen removing items from the complainant’s residence which is what subsequently led to the arrest and detainment of the two women. The two suspects currently deny any connection to the case.

The Paphos CID is still currently investigating the case.

Source: Philenews

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