in-cyprusPaphos brawl over various things not moved in time

Paphos brawl over various things not moved in time

A 68-year-old man was arrested in Paphos and then charged formally to be summoned to court in connection with an on-going investigation including grievous bodily harm and threats made against a 64-year-old man by the suspect in custody.

According to the Police, on June 9th, a 64-year-old Cypriot man from Paphos reported that he was attacked by the now arrested 68-year-old Cypriot man, who, according to the complaint, attacked him with a piece of wood hitting him on his left hand, causing one finger to fracture.

Additionally, the 64-year-old reported that the alleged perpetrator of the attack against him also launched threats at him.

Following the complaint, an arrest warrant was issued against the 68-year-old, which was as mentioned already executed yesterday.

According to the complainant, the reason of the altercation was that he has various things stored on the piece of land of the 68-year-old that he recently bought, which he has not yet moved. He stated that the 68-year-old had asked him to move them but he in turn asked to be given more time which resulted in the 68-year-old reacting.

When interrogated, the 68-year-old denied attacking and hitting the complainant and claims that their altercation was limited to a non-physical verbal confrontation only.
The Paphos Crime Detection Department currently still has an open investigation on the incident.

Source: Philenews

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