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Tomb of the King – Pyla Village

The royal tomb is an impressive building dated back to the Cypriot-classical period and it came to light in 1934 after an excavation was conducted by PorfyriosDikaios. This tomb is located southeast of the village and although it has been looted it is still considered a remarkable monument of the area. The tomb consists of a long corridor with stairs, a central chamber and three side chambers. Moreover, in the tomb and more specifically on the door which leads to the east side chamber one can admire the relief representations of a mermaid and two winged sphinxes which were placed there in order to prevent snatchers from entering. Today, the reliefs are displayed in the Cypriot Museum while duplicates have been placed in the tomb. According to the aforementioned study, this tomb probably belonged to a special family of the area or even to some local noble man.


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