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Pitsilia Region: A destination for food travel

The region east of Mount Olympos is known as Pitsilia and includes about 40 villages. Its tallest peaks are Madari (1612m) and Papoutsa (1554m). The picturesque villages nestle on the mountain side amid vineyards, or are hidden in valleys, maintaining much of their traditional charm. The surrounding hills and valleys are full of vines, almond, hazelnut, walnut and other fruit trees. The changing landscape, the variety of shapes and colours, the old churches and chapels and the warm hospitality of the local inhabitants make the Pitsilia region one of the most beautiful parts of Cyprus. The Pitsilia area is accessible either from Limassol or from Nicosia.

The area is popular for traditional products such as rosewater, ‘hiromeri’ (smoked ham), ‘loukanika’ (spicy smoked sausages) and ‘lountza’ (smoked fillet of pork), marmalades, liquor and bread, Commandaria wine and authentic Zivania.

Pitsilia sausage is produced from pork minced meat that is “cooked” ( matured) in the dry red wine of the region. Various herbs are added, and the meat is smoked using wood from indigenous trees or bushes.

From Limassol Limassol – Gerasa – Ayios Theodoros – Agros road or Limassol – Trimiklini – Pelendri – Agros road.
From Nicosia: Nicosia – Palaichori – Agros road or Nicosa – Kakopetria – Karvounas – Kyperounta road

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