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Falling for Cyprus Fall

Autumn is ideal for new beginnings and new adventures, giving you the opportunity to delve into the authentic Cypriot culture and tradition.

Kyperounta- Limassol District

Located in the Troodos mountain range, in the Pitsilia region of the Lemesos (Limassol) district, the village of Kyperounta sits at an altitude of approximately 1.300 metres. The leafy village is the third highest on the island and maintains its traditional character. Its distinctive features of uphill roads, grapevines, small yards with high barnyards, and houses with tiled, zinc roofs and picturesque lofts add to its natural charm.

The village was established in Byzantine times and takes its name from the weed ‘kypros’ or ‘kyperi’, which grows abundantly in the area.

Amongst its attractions are the village church dedicated to Agia Marina – which dates back to the 18th century – and its three museums of Natural History, Folk Art and the National Liberation Struggle.

Other interesting places to visit are the Winery of Kyperounta and the Adventure Park, whilst there are also two lovely nature trails to stroll through; ‘Doksa soi o Theos’, and ‘Teisia tis Madaris’.

Things to do: Apple Festival – Rural Festivals 2017

The two-day festival (13 & 14 of October 2018) takes place in Kyperounta, and includes an open air market with fresh seasonal apples, traditional products, fresh apple juice, apple pies, apple vinegar etc, an apple exhibition featuring all the types of apples that grow in Cyprus, competitions for the best apple pie, and many more. There are also seminars about the beneficial properties of apples, as well as a full traditional entertainment show.

Entertainment: Adventure Mountain Park

Adventure Mountain Park in Kyperounta village, has one of the most well-organized camping areas on the entire island. It is a rather small area, at the foothills of Troodos mountains, that is immediately connected with the picturesque Kyperounta village. The camping site provides everything needed for a pleasant accommodation in the heart of nature. At the same time, campers have the opportunity to participate in the outdoor adventures, for which the mountain park is famous for, such as  paintball, archery, climbing, ice skating, hiking, laser tag, woodland and more.

Tuesday- Sunday: 09:00-20:00

97 772177 & 99 674126

Kyperounda Winery 

Situated in this idyllic setting and designed to the specifications of experienced winemakers, the Kyperounda Winery is built on three levels in order to take advantage of gravity to move the grape juice in the gentlest possible way. The winery’s underground cellar holds two hundred and fifty 225lt oak barrels, in which the wine of Kyperoundamatures and develops character.

The winery runs its own vineyards of 12 hectares recently planted with Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes. Additionally, it buys grapes from local producers as well as from vine growers of Kilani and as far as the Paphos region. The Kyperounda vineyards have always been famous for their superior quality.

102 Griva Digeni Avenue
4876 Kyperounta
Limassol, Cyprus

Monday- Sunday: 8:00-18:00

Weekends by appointment only

Where to eat & drink:

‘Kafes sti Hovoli’

A newcomer, right in the heart of Kyperounta village, is here to steal the spotlight. The small, cosy café with the sophisticated, rustic décor is serving aromatic coffee slow cooked at hovoli (it is to be noted that hovoliis a special equipment with hot sand that mimics hot ashes and allows coffee to boil slowly and still keep its aromas and thick cream on top). Also, here you will enjoy selected aromatic coffees, lemonade, soft drinks, homemade treats, spoon sweets, zivania, ouzo accompanied with meze dishes, baklava, or our favourite, highly recommended, traditional mahalepi with rose water.

Kyperounta Square


Monday-Sunday: 10.00 – 00.00

Kyperia is a family restaurant, is hosted in a traditional, stone-built, 2-storey building. Fresh materials, international flavors, fragrant wine, tasty meze (among which a specialty of pork fillets with commandaria sauce) make this tavern unique.

Deisis 66, Kyperounta. 95 532090 & 99 358167

Friday- Sunday: 11:00-00.00.

Farmakas- Nicosia District

Farmakas is a beautiful, traditional Cyprus mountain village in the Nicosia district (5 km east of Palaichori and 40 km away from Nicosia). The area enjoys rich agricultural diversity, deriving from its fertile grounds.

A tradition says that the name of the village derived from the adjective or the profession of the first man who resided here and who made medicines. Products produced by the many herbs that grew in the area. A second explanation is that the area they were collecting herbs for medicines made by the monks. Farmakas would be the area with various herbs. A third explanation regarding the name of the village is  that the name originated from ‘ farmatziin ‘ (poison), the bitter cold during the winter months.

Activities- Places to visit:
Visit “Santa Irene” church in the middle of the village. Visit “Santa irene” and “Ierambelos Restaurant” to taste traditional Cyprus village food and wine. Walk through the many local Farmakas vineyards, and see the production and produce of the local wine. Walk in the many nature and hiking trails in the Troodos Mountains (Part of the Unesco Global Geopark). Go for cycling to explore Cyprus hidden land.

Visit Santa Irene winery, take a wine tour or go on a vineyard safari tour ( by appointment only).

Where to eat & drink:

Enjoy a meal at the restaurant Ierambelos. Located in the heart of Santa Irene’s vineyards, Ierambelos restaurant is all about quality Cypriot fusion cuisine, exceptional wine and good old fashioned hospitality. The restaurant hosts a renowned Sunday lunch buffet.

Dimokratias street
Farmakas 2620,

22 515 515 & 99 299990

Thursday- Saturday: 10:00-23:00

Sunday: 10:00-18:00

‘Potamos’ tavern

For exquisite traditional breakfast (including freshly baked bread, local tomatoes, oregano, sausages, boiled & fried eggs, lountza, grilled olives and halloumi, homemade jam, fruits and honey pies) visit ‘Potamos’ tavern in Kampi village.

Kampi Farmaka


Weekend: 8:30-11:00

Farmakas Restaurant

At Farmakas restaurant you will enjoy traditional food such as ofto kleftiko with potatoes and bulgur, or other recipes with a modern twist, such as the carry pasta.

Agias Eirinis 12, Farmakas

Friday- Saturday: 18:00-00:00

Sunday: 12:00-18:00

99 101891 & 99 403069.

Must buy: Visit ‘Eleni’s homemade sweets’ and get the chance to buy the renowned Cypriot spoon sweets- including walnut, cherry, watermelon, pear, bergamot and orange, or discover more extreme flavours, such as the Jerusalem artichoke, onion, garlic and mushroom.

Michael Karaoli 3,  Farmakas

99 762827 & 22 642283

Kritou Terra- Paphos District

Located in the Pafos (Paphos) region, at an altitude of 470 metres above sea level, the quaint village of Kritou Terra is one of the wine growing villages of the area, and also grows various other fruits and crops in its picturesque countryside. The village was once known as ‘Kritou’ under Frankish rule. It is marked as ‘Critu’ as well as ‘Terra’ on old maps, reinforcing the view that there were originally two different villages which eventually merged into one.

The main church of the village is dedicated to Panagia Chryseleousa, whilst the significant church of Agia Aikaterini stands approximately 3 km from the village, having been beautifully restored, and operating once a year on the saint’s day of Agia Aikaterini.

Locals of Kritou Terra are also proud of the village’s history as the birthplace of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios – the most prominent Dragoman of Cyprus – as well as its status of having the island’s first ‘casino’ during Ottoman Rule in the 19th century. Within the casino structure are rare wall paintings of folkloric art, depicting themes inspired by popular legends.


The Kefalovryso (fountain) of Kritou Terra was built in 1908 and it was actually the fourth biggest “kefalovryso” of Cyprus. Additionally, it must be noted that the “Kefalovryso” of Kritou Terra is located on an altitude of 450 metres and that the average flow of water during the period of 1966-1973 was approximately 1.120 cubic metres of water.

 Where to eat & drink:

‘Oniro’ by the sea

The famous Paphos’ beach bar is offering an amazing view overlooking the sea caves. Here, you can enjoy amazing cocktails in a romantic ambiance while watching the sun going down. Must-try dishes: steak sandwich, home-made burgers, paella with mussels and prawns or seafood risotto.

Glykou Nerou, Pegeia, Paphos


Tuesday-Sunday: 11.30-23.00

Ouranos Restaurant

Ouranos, the top floor restaurant and bar at Annabelle hotel, offers a panoramic vista of Pafos harbour and its medieval castle. Ouranos’ mediterranean fusion cuisine takes a contemporary, international approach to preparing the freshest local ingredients. The lunch menu features a healthy selection of salads and grilled fish, while the dinner menu offers an array of elegant small dishes meant to be shared around the table. At Ouranos, you can enjoy delicious dishes such as tuna with mango, jasmine rice with ponzu and pickled ginger, but also gammon with grilled vegetables and ricotta. Here, you can also enjoy signature cocktails and a full range of relaxing beverages.

Monday-Sunday: 8:00-1:00

For more info: 26885000

Annabelle Hotel, Poseidonos Avenue, Paphos

‘Joulietta Chocolatier Patissier’

At ‘Joulietta Chocolatier Patissier’ you will find luxury handcrafted chocolates with the taste of Cyprus and chocolate patisseries. Must-try: the award-winning Fig 7 Ouzo Ganache, enrobed in milk/dark chocolate.

Alexandrou Ypsilanti 16A, Paphos.

70 004004

Monday- Friday: 09:30-18:00 & Saturday: 09:00-16:00.

Must buy: Loukoumi Geroskipou

A soft, chewy, sugar-powder covered cubical sweet available in many flavours with or without nuts. Unlike many others, these traditional soft sweets do not rely on additives to set and are made using only the finest natural ingredients.

Tochni- Larnaca District

Tochni is a village located in the Larnaca District of Cyprus, about halfway between the cities of Larnaca and Limassol. Based on some religious and folkloric traditions, Tochni is among the oldest villages in Cyprus, with a history more than ten, perhaps twenty centuries. Despite the infrequent mention of it in historical or archaeological sources, careful research and study on the village will reveal enough data regarding the long course of it’s life.

Today the village has been designated an ‘agrotourism’ location which promotes the restoration of the original village house in order to preserve the traditional Cypriot stone houses. There are the ruins of a Latin church in the centre of the village, overlooking the Orthodox church of St Constantine and Helena. The current church has been reconstructed on the site of the original, interestingly over a bridge, said to have been founded by St Helena on return from the Holy Land having brought with her a piece of the Holy Cross.

Sts. Kostantinos & Eleni Church

A truly spectacular phenomenon is the building of the church of Saints Constantine and Helen on a bridge in the village of Tochni. A Phenomenon that might not be seen anywhere else in the world. The Tradition has it that the construction of the bridge and the construction of the temple itself, from the mother of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine, St. Helen. A tradition which is verging on the truth, since there are many signs that lead to the conclusion that the Queen Mother Helen stepped and sanctified by her presence, the blessed soil of Cyprus.

Ecclesiastical Museum

In a small oblong room, located on the south side of the forecourt of the church an Ecclesiastical Museum has been created, in which relics are displayed, which are property of the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen. In the middle of the museum a grand old Cross is located, which previously was in the temple. Unfortunately, there is no description of the cross, to help establish a chronology of its construction. In the background of the museum in a space protected by a glass case, on display are Gospels, silver and bronze sacred vessels and holy icons. In the area of the glass display cabinet is the icon of St. Demetrius (Work of Theophanes Kaissareias) as well as those of Saint Mamas (Work of Arseniou). On the north and south walls of the museum, hanging are many holy icons, works from the old years. Special impression to the visitors is caused by large pictures of artist Louka who comes from Tochni and who lived in the late 16th and early 17th century.

 Where to eat & drink:

At Tochni tavern, which offers a panoramic view of the whole village, you will enjoy authentic traditional Cypriot cuisine.

*Sunday Escapes by CTO

Sunday Escapes give you the opportunity to travel back in time into the history and culture of Cyprus, admire the natural beauty and biodiversity, sample the traditional gastronomy and treat yourself to a walk or mountain bike ride along its unique mountain trails.

Reservations: Reservations and information on telephone 77778050 (or 22713760) Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 17:00 and on

The deadline for reservations is 11.00 am on Thursday for the coming Sunday. Places are limited therefore, participation is permitted only when pre-booking and full payment is made. The excursions last around 8 -10 hours.

Info & reservations: 77778050/ 22 713760.





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