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A weekend well spent in Vouni

Scenic beauty, picturesque alleys, traditional houses with wooden doors in combination with rich architectural heritage, can make your visit in Vouni unforgettable. 

By Pantelis Panayiotou

Considering that villages are the diamonds of this island, I was seeking for my next destination for a weekend getaway. So, I started searching for villages that I’ve heard about either on TV shows, or my friends had visited before. Without even noticing, I grabbed my camera and my trip to Vouni started!

Our journey lasted for about an hour and twenty minutes, entering the Nicosia-Limassol motorway and then taking the Erimi exit that directly leads to the Krasochoria region of the Lemesos District. Our trip was nothing but a dream, with the idyllic landscape making us to perceive and appreciate nature’s beauty. The village’s landscape is “impressive with its high peaks reaching a height of 1153 metres at the location ‘Moutti tou Afami’, north of the settlement, and the beds of the rivers ‘Chapotami’ in the west and ‘Kryos Potamos’ in the east”.

The picturesque village attracts both locals and foreigners who see it as an outdoor museum of the life and culture. Upon our arrival to the village, we encounter “Oinochori” (99649460), where the owners, Mrs. Mary and her husband, Mr. Andreas, gave us a hearty welcome.  Oinochori is a magnificent mansion which also offers an amazing view to the Limassol seafront; an extremely beautiful, peaceful, well kept, clean place with a traditional matched to contemporary architecture and taste.

Apart from wandering across the traditional cobble alleys, we also had the chance to take a glimpse at the vineyards that cover almost the entire area, since Vouni in the ’90s was the third biggest wine village in the Limassol region.

A stop at the Folk Art Museum was a sine-qua-non during our tour. In the two-floor renovated building located just behind the cafe, we had the opportunity to delve into the longstanding tradition of the village. There are also three other museums (Byzantine Museum, Eliomylos and Oenological Museum) that are worth visiting.

At the same time, we admired the traditional fountains, also known as ‘chavouzes’. The Venetian and Ottoman ‘chavouza’ are said to be two of the most important historic attractions in Vouni. Also, by crossing the trails you can reach neighbouring villages such as Lofou, Mandria, Potamiou or Agios Therapontas.

In Vouni, you may not find a plethora of restaurants; however, this does not imply that you cannot enjoy quality local food!

For instance, you can visit the cosy traditional restaurant ‘Edesmatopoleio i oraia Hellas’ (25944328), where you can enjoy Greek meze and stews. We ordered homemade chicken fillet with potatoes, burger with rice and a freshly chopped salad. A glass of premium white wine accompanied our meal.

Tavern ‘Takis’ (25943631) is another excellent alternative choice, since the food served there is well cooked, aiming at satysfying the most demanding customers.

Last but not least: Do not omit to visit the traditional coffee shop, located in the heart of the village, for tasting unique local wine, while the friendly owner, Mrs. Mary, is keeping you company!

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