News Local Dali residents want factories relocated

Dali residents want factories relocated

Residents of Dali, Nicosia want the government to arrange for the relocation of factories that operate near their homes as the air pollution is affecting their health.

The issue was discussed on Wednesday in the House Environment Committee, where a delegation of residents of the Constantinou and Elenis parish in Dali were present.

They told MPs that the area is surrounded by five industrial areas and that noise and polluted air affects their homes and their children’s schools.

A representative of the Parents Association said that Dali Elementary School C, which numbers 433 pupils, is particularly affected by the bad air quality.

Head of the delegation, Giorgos Olympiou, said that despite their constant calls for action during the past four years, the government had done nothing.

He said that the residents demand from the government to pay compensation to the factories in order to relocate and to change the classification of the area, from a heavy-industrial zone to a light-industrial zone.

At the moment, five industrial zones in the area surround 6,000 residents. Dali could accommodate 30,000 to 35,000 people in the future, as it is a fast-developing area, Olympiou said.

Latsia, Geri, Tseri and Pera Chorio areas are also affected, he added.

Geri Mayor, Neophytos Papalazarou, said that “profits cannot take precedence over the health of citizens and urged responsible authorities to take all necessary measures.

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