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Cyprus tourism will be back in 2021 let’s save this year, hoteliers say


The Hoteliers Association sprinkled a message of hope on Cypriots and visitors to the island, promising to intensify efforts for a successful tourism year in 2021, as well as saving what’s left of this season.

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, Hoteliers Association President Haris Loizides said that despite the pandemics’ heavy blow on tourism, all involved will continue their utmost in dealing with repercussions as well as building a viable structure that will do much better next year.

Loizides noted that irrespective of all the issues that Covid has caused ‘we must not sway from the set goals of investing in the quality and upgrading of the Cyprus tourist product’ and projecting Cyprus as an all year round destination.

Hoteliers stressed the importance of promoting tourism in rural areas thus forging major opportunities to bounce back, as locals are battling with the financial and social effects of the pandemic.

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