News Local Cyprus tops list of 31 high income countries for educational mobility

Cyprus tops list of 31 high income countries for educational mobility

Cyprus has topped a list of 31 high income countries that have a higher rate of educational mobility for lower income children than the US, Business Insider reports.

It cites a World Bank report that shows that it’s more likely for children from modest backgrounds to reach a higher economic echelon in most countries than it is in the US.

Nearly all of the high-income countries in the study fared better on a metric of intergenerational educational mobility than the US, the website added.

A 2018 report on intergenerational educational and economic mobility from the World Bank  and its associated Global Database on Intergenerational Mobility include several metrics of how the economic and educational opportunities of children are related to the situations of their parents.

One of the World Bank’s measures is the share of children born to parents in the bottom half of the educational attainment in a country that end up in the top quarter of that distribution as adults — that is, how likely it is that someone born into a family with a more modest background can grow up to have similar educational opportunities to his or her peers with more affluent parents.

The US does not fare particularly well on this metric: 12.5% of children born in the 1980s to parents in the bottom half of the educational attainment distribution ended up in the top quarter.

Eighty eight of the 135 countries for which the World Bank estimated this figure had a higher share, and all but three of the 35 countries the World Bank identified as high-income, developed economies had a higher share.

Top of the list of the 31 high-income countries in the World Bank’s database where a higher share of children born into the bottom half ended up in the top quarter is Cyprus with 22.8%. Second on the list is Denmark with 21.1% and third Slovenia with 19.2%. Making up the top five are the UK in fourth place with 18.6% and Sweden with 18.5%.

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