News Local Cyprus to buy innovative Hepatitis C medicine at 25% of current price

Cyprus to buy innovative Hepatitis C medicine at 25% of current price

Cyprus will be able to secure innovative Hepatitis C medicine at 25% of the current price under an agreement for joint negotiations with Greece, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

And at a meeting in Athens, Health Minister Cnostantinos Ioannou and his Greek counterpart Andreas Xanthos  reiterated that the two ministries will continue to work together to expand the agreement to other innovative medicines.

Under the agreement, the prices secured by Greece for the Hepatitis C drug will also apply for Cyprus.

Ioannou said this was a particularly important development for Cyprus as it would increase access to innovative pharmaceuticals and help save money.

The plan is for the agreement to be extended to apply to other pharmaceuticals for diabetes, respiratory conditions and certain vaccines.

The bilateral agreement between Cyprus and Greece reinforces the Valetta technical committee  where a number of smaller EU member states launched talks to cooperate on drug purchases.

The two ministers also discussed the construction of a hospital at Mati, near Athens, which was devastated by fires last summer. The hospital will be financed to a tune of €18m by Cyprus — representing state and private contributions.

The rest of the cost will be covered by Greece.


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