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Cyprus says ready for no deal Brexit but hopes for consensus

The government has taken all necessary steps to prepare for the possibility of  a no deal Brexit on October 31, but hopes this can be avoided, spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said on Friday, responding to questions.

“The Council of Ministers has taken decisions for various sectors that will be directly affected by the withdrawal of the UK so that we are also ready for a bad scenario,” he said.

The Cyprus government’s position is identical to the position of the EU that it is desirable and necessary there be an agreement. “The exit of the United Kingdom without an agreement would be harmful,” he said.

The government also shares the EU’s position that the agreement reached after protracted negotiations should be implemented and there is no possibility of a different agreement, the spokesman added.

“We hope that consensus and logic will reign and that an understanding will be reached between the new British government and Brussels.”

But since the undesirable possibility of a hard Brexit has been on the cards for some time, the government has taken the necessary measures.

The agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the UK government was a very good one as it catered for the Britons in Cyprus and the Cypriots in the UK as well as for relations between the two countries more generally given the presence of the British Bases on the island.

If there is no general agreement then the aim will be for this bilateral agreement to apply although the best case scenario was for the general agreement of which the Cyprus-British agreement will constitute a part.

And he assured that British citizens in Cyprus and Cypriot citizens in the UK as well as people living in the SBA areas, will not be adversely affected.

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