Insider Economy Cyprus ranked 15th in EU for average hourly wages

Cyprus ranked 15th in EU for average hourly wages

Cyprus ranks 15th among the EU-28 for its average hourly compensation of employees, a Eurostat report shows.

In 2016, the average rate of compensation of employees in Cyprus, in terms of wages, salaries and employers’ social contributions was €14 per hour.

The corresponding average across the EU as a whole in 2016 was €23 per hour.

The highest average rate of compensation was in Luxembourg, where employees got €43.9 per working hour, the second highest was in Denmark (€38.9 per hour) and the third highest was in Belgium (€38 per hour).

Residents of Bulgaria received the lowest average rate of compensation in 2016 (€4.7 per hour), followed by residents of Romania (€5.1 per hour) and Poland (€6.3 per hour).


In 2016, the average rate of compensation of employees in the European Union (EU), in terms of wages, salaries and employers’ social contributions, ranged from €44 per hour worked, in the Brussels city region and in Luxembourg, to below €4 per hour worked in three regions in Bulgaria (Severen tsentralen, Severozapaden and Yuzhen tsentralen) and the Nord-Est region of Romania.

Hourly compensation per employee was often highest in the capital region of EU Member States. Exceptions to this were in Germany (Oberbayern), the United Kingdom (Inner London West), Italy (Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen), Spain (País Vasco) and Greece (Dytiki Makedonia).

The source data are here: compensation of employeeshours worked and national data.  Figures on the separate components of the compensation of employees are not available.

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