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Cyprus problem and concerns are concerns of Europeans and the EPP, Weber says

The Cyprus problem and concerns are concerns of the Europeans and of the European People`s Party (EPP), Manfred Weber said after his election in Helsinki as the EPP`s candidate for the European Commission presidency.

Moreover Weber, who was speaking during a press conference, said that he did not believe in Turkey`s full accession to the EU. Weber was responding to a question by CNA about his position on Turkey`s EU course in view of the fact that this country still occupies part of Cyprus` territory, which is European territory, and has launched threats against Cyprus due to research in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone for hydrocarbon reserves.

“I believe in strong cooperation between the European Union and Turkey. We need each other, we are partners, we are neighbours, we can only solve our problems together but I don’t believe in the enlargement process. I think it is more honest, it is more frank and fair if we would sit together and clarify that `let’s have full cooperation but not full enlargement, not full membership of Turkey to the EU`”, he added.

“That would be honest, that would be fair especially after the changes we saw in the last years in Turkey, constitutional reforms and other developments,” concerning for example the freedom of press, he noted.

“It (full membership) will not work. Let’s be honest in this relationship,” Weber noted. He went on to say that “if we agree on some issues we can create trust to each other. That is what we need in this relationship.”

Referring to Cyprus, he noted that “my main message is that it is great to be part of the European Union because you are not alone. Even a small country like Cyprus can count on the solidarity of the whole European Union,” he stressed

“And that is why the Cyprus problem, the Cyprus concerns are the concerns of the Europeans and of the EPP,” he concluded.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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