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Akashi Sushi Delivered by PIER ONE, brings delicious, Asian flavours… to your door!

A new, fresh, delicious, sushi delivery menu has appeared in the city of Limassol and is none other than the Akashi Sushi Delivered with the signature of the award-winning PIER ONE!

Akashi Sushi Delivered, is the new proposal of the city, which promises to offer at your door, favourite dishes, inspired by the Japanese cuisine! The chefs prepare daily traditional recipes with modern touches, but also fresh, high quality ingredients, offering rich, delicious and impressive flavours of freshly cooked sushi, and more!

From the menu you can enjoy a wide range of handmade sushi and uramaki with salmon, tuna, shrimps, Hamachi and the delicious Crispy Tempura Calamari Roll fried with grilled squid, kohlrabi, orange tobiko and teriyaki mayonnaise!

Enjoy also fresh sashimi and hosomaki with yellow fin tuna, hamachi or eel but also the unique signature chirashi bowls based on Japanese rice sushi and rich choices with fish cubes of your choice, in combination with edamame, avocado and citrus ponzu sauce.

For large groups, choose the platters with various combinations of sushi from the menu, with up to 48 pieces! In the menu you can also find fresh salads, appetizers and some of the main dishes of PIER ONE!

You will find the menu of Akashi Sushi Delivered by PIER ONE exclusively through the delivery service at 77 77 46 00 but also from the Foody and Bolt Food platforms.

Facebook: /akashisushicy
Instagram: /akashisushi_cy/ 
Email: [email protected]


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