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Cyprus enters lockdown, sending text messages a must to move around

Total lockdown in Cyprus as of Sunday morning and up until January 31 in a bid to curb the alarming spread of the coronavirus and the public is reminded that to move around they have to send a text message and get permission.

Specifically, for purposes other than to go to work, people will have to send a text message or SMS to 8998, free of charge. They can do so twice a day.

The format is the following: category (1-8), space, ID number, space, zip code (four-digit postal code).   You must wait for a positive response before leaving home.

If you have a problem with the 8998 number you can call 80012021 from Cypriot numbers or +357 22285777 from foreign numbers between 5am and 9pm.

Movement is prohibited from 9.00 in the evening until 5 in the morning.

Categories of legitimate outings:

  1. Going to the pharmacy, visit a doctor, or give blood or for a COVID test or for vaccination
  2. Going to a supermarket to buy essential products, goods and services (groceries, food)
  3. Going to the bank when electronic transactions are not possible
  4. Absolutely necessary visits to a state or local agency
  5. Going out to help others who are in need of assistance or isolation, including those under quarantine
  6. Going out for physical exercise, in groups of up to two humans as long as the outing takes place in areas adjacent to the neighbourhood
  7. Attending a ceremony or service (funeral, wedding, baptism/christening) if guests are first or second degree relatives in groups of up to ten individuals
  8. Any other reason for going outside that can be justified under the measures as described in the latest decree on movement restrictions

Movement for exercise purposes may not exceed 3 hours.

Residents of inland areas may travel to coastal towns for a swim but residents of coastal towns are not permitted to cross districts for exercise purposes.

People walking their dogs (providing the walk remains within 500 metres of their home), and parents taking their children to and from nursery or kindergarten, and movement of disabled or autistic persons and their helpers are NOT required to send an SMS.

It has been clarified that persons travelling to and from work are not required to send an SMS but they must present the FORM A signed by their employer.  You can download the form in English on the following link FORM A – Employee Movement

Over 65’s may complete a handwritten form instead of sending an SMS if they prefer. The forms can be found on the following link in English  FORM B – Over 65s

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