News Local Cyprus: 4th lowest employment rate for recent graduates in EU

Cyprus: 4th lowest employment rate for recent graduates in EU

Young Cypriot graduates face difficulties finding a job.

According to Eurostat the employment rate of recent tertiary education graduates (aged 20-34) in Cyprus is the fourth lowest in the EU.

The EU’s statistical service found that 71.6% of people who graduated from Cypriot tertiary institutions until 2017 are employed, placing the country in the 25th place among the member states, 8.6 percentage points lower than the EU average of 80.2%.

Cyprus’ percentage dropped from that of 2016, when the employment rate of recent graduates was at 73.4%. The lowest percentage was recorded in 2013, during the financial crisis (62.1%) and the highest in 2008 (85.8%).

The figures for Cyprus are alarming, considering that the country has a very high percentage of citizens who are graduates of tertiary education institutions (55.8%).

The country with the highest percentage of employment for recent graduates is Malta with 93.7%, followed by Germany (90.9%) and the Netherlands (90.4%).

Greece is the country with the lowest employment rate of recent graduates with 50.2%. Italy is second to last with 55.2%.


With an employment rate of 73.8%, female graduates in Cyprus are more likely to be employed than men, the Eurostat figures show, as the employment rate for men is at 68.6%.

Young people neither in employment nor in education or training

Cyprus has an alarmingly high percentage of young people (aged 15-29) among its population who are neither in employment nor in education or training, the figures show.

Specifically, Cyprus has the sixth highest percentage in the EU, as 17.6% of its young people find themselves disengaged from both education and the labour market.

In this case, young women are more likely to fall in this category (19.3%) than men (15.7%).

To learn more about the situation in Cyprus and the EU as a whole, click here.

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