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Cypriots sent 875,208 sms to leave their homes in first two days of lockdown

A total of 875,208 sms have been sent by people wishing to go outside their homes in the first two days of a lockdown imposed on January 10 by the Cypriot authorities in a bid to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to data released by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy the highest number of sms requests sent by Cypriots in the first two days were for supplies/services (No 2), followed by physical exercise (No 6) and other reasons (No.8).

As of Sunday, January 10, Cyprus entered into a lockdown until January 31, with the public, expect those allowed to go to work, allowed to leave their house twice after obtaining permission via sms.

On Sunday, the first day of the three-week lockdown, a total of 472,651 sms were sent with 378,199 approved, whereas 402,557 sms were sent on the second day with 349,086 approved.

In the first two days, a total of 263,309 sms were sent for supplies/services, including to take away food of which 137,945 on Sunday and 125,364 on Monday.

The SMS for physical exercise in the first two days amounted to 207,767 of which 122,639 on Sunday and 85,128 on Monday.


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