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Cypriots are also hungry for special offers

Black Friday in Cyprus was a success as consumers rushed to shops early in the morning to get the best possible offers and retailers recorded quite satisfactory revenue.

Black Friday seems to have also helped retailers get rid of old stock. And since most purchases were carried out with credit cards, JCC figures show that Black Friday’s market movement was at satisfactory levels.

This also proves that Black Friday has ceased being only an American tradition. In fact, Cypriot consumers seem to have embraced it so much that stores register year-on-year increased traffic on that day. Another indication is that more and more companies from sectors other than traditional retail such as car dealers, furniture, hotels and leisure services, restaurants, and even online betting platforms are offering reduced prices on that day.

Shops in Cyprus were on the go days before Black Friday in a bid to welcome and best serve customers hungry for bargains. Discounts reached up to 80% on selected products and customers had the opportunity to carry out a mini research in advance on products they were eyeing.

Because shopkeepers had given out details on selected products or categories that would be discounted a couple of days before Black Friday so as to tempt consumers even more.

Crowds could be seem mainly in stores selling high-technology products as well as electrical appliances. However, clothing and cosmetics stores in shopping malls were also on high alert. There stores had recorded increased traffic mainly in the late afternoon when discounts ranged between 20% to 70% on selected brands and products.

And for those who somehow missed the bargains, there is always Cyber ​​Monday. No to mention that Christmas is just around the corner and more special prices will be offered.


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