InsiderBusinessCustoms Department reminds car importers of new rules

Customs Department reminds car importers of new rules

The Customs and Excise Department has reminded car importers that the EU’s new method of measuring pollutants will apply to Cyprus as of Monday – along with the island’s amended new road charges.

After a long delay due to the complexity of the project, the Department of Road Transport has completed and implemented the relevant new software system, according to a circular sent out by the Department. It then gives detailed instructions on how imported cars should be registered.

In view of amended new road charges which also come in effect as of Monday, the circular also noted that importers should give the actual number of kilometres in accordance with laws governing the import and registration of new vehicles.

Specifically, Deputy Director of Customs Kyriaki Mirianthopoulou noted that the registration of mileage of each vehicle in the ‘Theseus’ import system should be the exact number at the time of its arrival in Cyprus.

At the same time, the Department reminded that motor vehicles – cars and motorcycles – that come to Cyprus from other EU member states are not subject to VAT unless they are brand new.

As for the bill providing amendments to the road charges, this was passed in March and it now takes into account various factors besides pollutants emitted by each vehicle.

That is, also taken into consideration now is whether the vehicle is new or used, the type of engine in relation to fuel – diesel, petrol, hybrid, etc. and the category of engine – Euro 6, Euro 5, 5b, 5c etc.


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