Culture & PeopleThe Red Cross, Switzerland and Cyprus: informative evening on June 30

The Red Cross, Switzerland and Cyprus: informative evening on June 30

Do you want to learn more about the Red Cross and its relation with Switzerland? You are welcome to attend an informational evening at the Cyprus Red Cross Society headquarters in Nicosia. The activities of the Cyprus Red Cross Society (CRCS) are basically dictated by its raison d’ etre, which is none other than the endeavour to alleviate human suffering throughout the world, both in time of peace and war.

Beyond the traditional and fixed humanitarian activities with which the CRCS has been identified, such as looking after the poor, caring for the sick, blood donations, First Aid provision etc, its humanitarian contribution and action is also dictated by the arising needs. Natural disasters, accidents, epidemics, conflicts, wars and other unpredictable causes of human suffering, unhappiness, destruction and death put its readiness and efficiency to the test. The international character of the Red Cross, which is also one of its basic principles, and also the fact that as a result of globalization and the development of communications we live in an interdependent world, have brought about an increase and broadening of these needs and consequently in the fields covered by the activities of the CRCS.

Indicated below are some of the activities undertaken by the CRCS in Cyprus in time of peace and in time of war:

a) The main activities of the CRCS in time of peace are:

Treatment, care and support for disabled children
Blood donation
First Aid lessons
Providing wheel-chairs and other aid mediums for disabled persons
Material and moral support to the needy
Providing company to the aged and other solitary persons
Transportation of foodstuffs, medicine and allowances to the enclaved
Providing assistance to foreign workers, refugees and asylum seekers
Providing medicine to patients and the aged
Awareness and information campaigns for social and other problems (aids, drugs, road accidents, bird flu etc
Psychosocial Support services
Road Safety Campaign
Tracing and Restoring Family Links Services (RFL)
Organisation of Seminars and Conferences
Preparation of annual report
Activities for the awareness and information of society on the Red Cross mandate.
Fund raising events and campaigns (concerts, door-to-door money collection etc)
Preparing, standing by and organizing to meet emergency situations.
Registration, training and organization of members and volunteers.
Cooperating with the Government and volunteer organizations in Cyprus and abroad.
Disseminating the principles of the Red Cross.
Cooperating with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Associations.

b) The main activities of the CRCS in time of war are the following:

Initial medical care to the wounded
Release and security of prisoners
The tracing of missing persons
Reuniting families with their relatives and helping them communicate
Medical care and relief of refugees
Providing for the basic needs of displaced and enclaved persons and communicating with them
Psychological support to any victims of rape and to any other people in need

When Thursday, June 30 at 7 pm

Cyprus Red Cross Society

3 Kypriakou Erythrou Stavrou street

2063 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

Telephone (+357) 22 504400


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Event by Cyprus Swiss Association – Κυπροελβετικός Σύνδεσμος

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