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Language Exchange Meeting in Limassol

Welcome to the free Limassol Language Exchange Meeting. A group of people meeting every month to exchange languages while having a drink or coffee. It is a free event, open to everyone, where you can meet new people and practice a foreign language in a natural way.

The meetings take place every first Friday of the month at 6.30 pm at Tucano Cafe

How does it work?

The organisers arrange tables. Each group sitting at the same table has a flag of their country/language. If you are interested in practising that language, you should go there, and the natives will chat with you. You can join active groups for English, Russian, Greek, Italian and more.

Feel free to join any group, remember a “Hello” opens great conversations )

Join the event and share it with your friends. Don’t worry to come alone, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people in Limassol.


Friday, February 7 at 6.30pm


Tucano Coffee: 5 Agias Zonis

3027 Limassol

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