Costas Harpas

Owner and director of Tree Creative Room in Limassol, reveals his favourite spots for food, coffee and drinks.

-Where do you usually enjoy your morning coffee?

-I enjoy my morning coffee at home with a view of the sea and Limassol and my second morning coffee at the office with my team.

-Which is your favorite city yard?

-The yard, the flower smells, the hospitality and the uniquely designed space of Fresh Events, gives me a lot of energy.

-Where do you prefer to have your meetings?

-Due to the fact that I’m still discovering the city in which I live and because I want to be able to create on spot, I prefer to have the first meetings with my clients and partners at their own spaces. The meetings then continue at my office.

-Where do you enjoy a nice business lunch?

-With the usual company of Sylia and Giorgos, at Neon Phaliron in Limassol, with the usual choice of black eyed peas with black olives and tuna.

-Favourite spot in the city you live?

-Every weekend I go for a morning jogging and walking on the Amathountas coast road. From Molos to the ancient city of Amathounta. Unique views.

-Where do you find authentic meze dishes?

-At Mezostrati tavern in Nicosia. My brother is the chef there. I admire him for his gastronomic inspirations. I could not have given a different answer.

-Could you reveal a well-hidden city gem?

-Vinylio Wine etc. A small space that can fit 80-90 people with “private” live, mainly acoustic concerts. Evridiki, Mple, Eleni Dimou, Rena Morfi-Souli Anatoli, Ero, Elena Solea have performed there tens of times.

-A restaurant that holds a special place in your heart? A recommended dish?

-As an indecisive person and a Gemini sign I like all the restaurants at Lanitis Carob Mill, because they offer many choices, depending on my mood.

-Which is your favorite kind of cuisine and where you can enjoy it in Cyprus?

-Asian cuisine holds a special spot in my gastronomic preferences. Up Town Square with Zen Room & Chi. My favourite dish is shrimp wasabi.

-The best place to hang out with friends?

-I don’t have one. It depends on my mood and the company.

-Where could you find the best cocktails?

-At Madame and Draught Microbrewery. Two very different choices, but they are still choices.

-Where can you enjoy the best brunch?

-At The Cookhouse. Excellent choices and a nice atmosphere.

-Which place do you remember fondly?

-All my childhood summers at Milikouri at Marathasa valley. Hundreds of years ago!

-What do you do professionally now?

-I create, with my team at Tree Creative Room (Marketing, Advertising & Creative Agency) in Limassol.

INFO: Neon Phaliron, Gladstonos 135, Limassol. Vinylio Wine etc,. Agkiris 33, Limassol. Zen Room & Chi, Amathountos Avenue 194, Limassol. Mezostrati, Evagorou Avenue 18E, Nicosia. Madame, Andrea Drousioti 24, Limassol. Draught Microbrewery, Vasilissis 5, Limassol. The Cookhouse, Gladstonos 112, Limassol.

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