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Constantinos Kouyialis

Constantinos Kouyialis, the owner of The Boys at Number Five, reveals his favorite corners of the city.

– Where do you like to enjoy your morning coffee?

-I normally love to have my morning coffee at The Boys at Number Five and at Menta as well!

-Which is your favorite city yard?

– My favorite yard is Nicosia Municipal Garden in the center of the city. However, I used to spend time at my grandfather’s orchard, when he was alive.

-Where can you find the best souvlaki in Nicosia?

– Definitely, in my parents’ backyard!

-Where do you find authentic meze dishes?

-At Patrikon in Tersefanou village, by far! The number of items on the menu is limited, but the ones present, have a history of excellent taste and quality.

-Your favorite place in the city?

-Matthaios restaurant.

-Could you reveal a well-hidden city gem?

-Prodromou Park and a few terraces across the Buffer Zone.

– A restaurant that holds a special place in your heart? A recommended dish?

-Skinny Fox, Duck Steam Buns and Foie Gras.

-Which is your favorite kind of cuisine?

-Apparently, I eat everything! However, eggplant with potatoes and yogurt is my number one choice!

– And where could you enjoy it?

-At Matthaios, for sure, and sometimes at Pantopoleion.

-And the best, timeless place to hang out?

-I do not believe that Cyprus is really up to alternative places. There is always something new.

-Any cocktails recommendations?

-I enjoy amazing cocktails at Lost + Found, or Notes & Spirits.

-Where do you usually go for delightful sweets?

-In London… Or at The Boys!

-Which place of the island do you remember fondly?

-Palaichori, with a wanderlust that stems from many wonderful memories such as strawberry picking, raw almonds, kleftiko, hide and sick, ‘michanoues’, snow!


The Boys at Number Five, Themistokli Dervi 5, Nicosia

To Patrikon, Makariou 3, Tersefanou, Larnaca

Matthaios restaurant, 8th October Square, Nicosia

Skinny Fox, Menandrou 14, Nicosia

Lost + Found, Vyronos 38, Nicosia

Notes & Spirits, Evagorou 33, Nicosia


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