Christiana Antoniou

Journalist, radio producer and member of the “Ola Kala” team in Sigma, reveals her  favourite spots for food, coffee and drinks.

-Where do you usually enjoy your morning coffee?

-At my home’s yard, around 6:30 in the morning before I leave for my work at the radio. It’s the time of the day when I check my to-do list.

-Which is your favorite city yard?

-My grandma’s yard. I have fun there, I relax and see my cousins and the whole family. Invaluable…

-Where do you find the best souvlaki?

-For years now at Ttasis tavern in my mother’s village, Dali.

-Where do you find authentic meze dishes?

-At creative tavern To Patrikon, at my father’s village Tersefanou. Kyriacos Fokou, with his art and imagination delights our taste buds.

-Favorite shop in your neighborhood?

-CITO Gourmet Express. Very welcoming, good coffee and many choices.

-A restaurant that holds a special place in your heart? A recommended dish?

-There are many good restaurants, depending on what you want to eat. We Cypriots like good food (I like it more, as you can see). One of my favourite restaurants is Rokoko. There I get the juicy and delicious ribeye steak, a goat’s cheese salad and for the end, the wonderful chocolate calzone.

-Could you reveal a well-hidden city gem?

-If I tell you, it won’t be a secret anymore.

-Which is your favorite kind of cuisine and where you can enjoy it in Cyprus?

-I love Mediterranean cuisine and I enjoy it from my mother’s hands, who is an excellent cook. You are welcome on Sundays! Another place where you can enjoy good food is Ayia Anna tavern, which combines good food, desserts and live music. Another favourite choice is Indianapolis Pizza in Dali for perfect homemade pizza and ribs!

-The best place to hang out with friends?

-The Gym in old Nicosia.

-Where could you find the best cocktails?

-I wouldn’t trade Moscow Mule from Old Souls with anything!

-Where do you usually find delightful sweets? 

-You can find great sweets in many places such as La Galerie Patisserie, Boutique Patisserie, San Remo, Pralina Confectioneries and Yiayia Victoria!

-Which place do you remember fondly?

-I think that it’s the people who give beauty to a place and, thank god, I’ve met many beautiful people who created unforgettable memories in my life. Especially the neighbourhood where I grew up and Acropolis park have left a mark in my memory, mind and soul.


Ttasis Taverna, Demetri Chamatsou 4, Dali. CITO gourmet express, Dervi 48, Nicosia. To Patrikon, Archbishop Makariou III, Tersefanou, Larnaca. Rokoko, Christodoulou Sozou 21, Nicosia. Old Souls, Stasandrou 7, Nicosia. Yiayia Victoria, Prodromou 131, Engomi/Liperti 80-82, Nicosia. Indianapolis Pizza, Archbishop Kyprianou 30, Dali. The Gym, Onasagorou 89, Nicosia. La Galerie Patisserie, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, Mesa Yeitonia, Limassol. Boutique Patisserie, Nikis Avenue 7D & 7E, Nicosia. San Remo, Pericleous 83, Strovolos. Pralina Confectioneries,  Ifigeneias 57, Strovolos.

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