Traditional Weaving

The “voufa” (weaving machine) is known in many places of Cyprus.
In old times being a (female) weaver was a very good profession since textiles –in those days –were hard to find and very expensive for someone to have.

With the weaving machine they weaved cloth out of silk that came from the processing of the silkworm’s cocoon. Wedding dresses and bridegroom’s shirts were sawed out of these silk cloths. For the making of sheets, they weaved the thread produced by cannabis and used the wool that they weaved out of sheep for scarves.

Some of the best wavers leaved in Tala Village at Paphos. However the “kkilimia” or “pepsia” (woven carpet) as they were usually called in the village were the main job for the weaving machine. Out of old clothes that the family no longer needed, they would cut out stripes and spin them with threads thus creating new fabrics. This proves that the inhabitants of the community were the best recyclists.

There are no weavers in the village today; the last one that existed was the mother of the Archbishop of Cyprus, Mrs Thekla Christodoulou.

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