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The manufacturer of wooden

This is traditional profession, which today survives at village of Linou. It was actually the manufacturer of wooden-carved furniture. This profession was extremely difficult and it defined constant concentration and devotion from the manufacturer, in order to accomplish the right decoration. There were a big variety of designs. Some of them were: plants, flowers, birds, etc, and they were always chosen by the client.

Some of the tools that the manufacturer of wooden-carved furniture used were the “simadoura”, the “plania” and the “roukania”. The “simadoura” helped the manufacturer to mark the designs on the wood. The “plania” was responsible for the smoothing of the wood and the “roukania” removed the rough surface of the wood so that it could be easily graven.

The profession of the manufacturer of wooden-carved furniture has been almost abandoned, as the traditional tools have been replaced with contemporary machines. In Linou there were many manufacturers and the inhabitants had many wooden carved furniture in their houses.

Courtesy of the Community Council of Linou

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