Culture & PeopleBooksPoetry workshop with Melissa Zanga in Limassol on July 30

Poetry workshop with Melissa Zanga in Limassol on July 30

The unique Poetry Workshop is guided by the National Slam Poetry Champion Melissa Zanga. For Melissa, each human being is poetic. One can’t begin to describe themself deeply, who they really are, without speaking in poetry. In the same way, one can’t really describe the world without being poetic.

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Melissa’s workshop aims to bring the attendees to a place of quiet observation, so they may find the place within themselves that has things to say. She will guide them through games and exercises that wake up their senses, get them thinking in symbolism and metaphor and begin feeling deeply about what they want to express. They will also be discussing how to use different techniques such as rhyme, rhythm, contrast, form and free association.

Come explore your own poetic language!

When Saturday, July 30 from 5 pm till 7 pm
Where BLEND. the space
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