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The New Nicosia Town-Hall

The new Nicosia Town-hall is a very particular building. On the site where it is built, important antiquities were discovered during the first day of construction and the whole design was completely modified to fit to the new situation. The building area was constraint to the remaining land, and co-exists with the uncovered findings.

As a consequence, the building was split into 5 smaller units, 4 office and public service buildings and a municipal hall. Foundations were changed to a combination of piling between the archaeological findings and large raft slabs sitting above the level of undisturbed ground.

The hall follows completely different design principles. Above a large slab, sits a light structure and glazed façades, allowing maximum views and contact between the interior, where the municipal council meets, and the surrounding archaeological park.

According to good practice design rules, this building would be a bad building, especially in a hot climate.

The whole building complex makes a harmonious eco-neighbourhood with low-energy consumption, comfortable interiors and friendly shaded, wind-protected public spaces which are open to the town, where urban life meets cultural heritage.

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