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Oroklini’s seafront recreation project

Oroklini’s coastal pedestrian link is said to be one of the most prominent works in Cyprus. In 2004, it was included in the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture that presents a comprehensive global survey of the most outstanding works of contemporary architecture from around the world.

15 years ago, community authorities reached the architects Margarita Danou and Sevina Floridou in order to design a complete project that would be developed as an intermediate space between the private and the public coastal area. Apart from the promenades, the landscaping and the various substructures, the proposal also included dressing-rooms, a small pavilion and an open-air recreation area. were extended in a way that was a continuation of the plains along the course that had been created. On the one hand, those extensions were surrounded by sandy beach and the sea, while on the other there was an artificial lake, which reminded a lot to natural, lagoon waters.


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