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Lofou Elementary School: A beautiful stony building

Regarding the early architecture of the village, sources tell us that the first houses in Lofou were actually farms scattered around the valley of the village. The shepherds gradually built huts which they called “stiathkia’ and at a later stage they built houses using stones whose roofs were made of wood and mud or clay (Porakos, 2004).

Today the village of Lofou – Limassol District – with its restored houses with their beautiful wooden balconies, the narrow cobblestone streets, the neoclassical school, the magnificent church, the traditional olive and flour mill in the rural museum, the taps and cisterns and numerous other small beautiful details that constitute the village, attracts many visitors.

While strolling around Lofou, you will, among others, come across the old Primary School, a beautiful stony building which used to be vibrant with children’s voices up until 1973. In the school yard there is a bust of Ioannis Stavrianou, a fighter of 1821, as well as a statue of Elias Kannaouros who fell in battle during the Turkish invasion of 1974. Today, efforts are being made by the Ministry of Education and by other organised parties concerned with education for the school building to be exploited. At the same time, cultural and artistic events of the Community and the Association of Expatriates take place in the school yard.


Courtesy of the Community Council of Lofou

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