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Limassol Municipal Arts Centre

The Municipal Arts Centre will be situated in the historic centre of Limassol, “where orchards are meeting the sea”, as the architect of the project, Sevina Floridou, describes. More specifically, the Municipality of Limassol, following the donation of Apothikes Papadaki (urban storehouse), aspires to develop a significant work of cultural infrastructure, which is set to mark a new era for the visual and performing arts in the city.

About the building:

It is about a two brick-built warehouses (formerly orchards), with tiled roofs and a courtyard. In addition to the two repaired warehouses, a new auxiliary annex has been added, which leads to an inner courtyard. The latest, modern addition, will be used as a reception hall, while the old buildings is said to be mainly exploited as exhibition rooms, connected to each other through a glass corridor. The auxiliary rooms constructed in the basement as well as the interior courtyard, will host open-air exhibitions.

The new arts centre has a great significance, both from an artistic and from a cultural point of view, since its foremost goal is to highlight and promote contemporary artistic creation as well as to contribute to its further development. The specially designed spaces of the Municipal Arts Centre will also host Artist Residency Programmes with both local and international participants, so as to encourage artist mobility and the development of meaningful links between the local scene and the global art field.

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