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Covid patients marginalised by their social environment

Three health professionals who were infected with Coronavirus told CNA that they face discrimination from their healthy social contacts whose fear often borders on the absurd.

At the same time another health worker from Limassol hospital said he has received nothing but compassion and support from those around him.

“What we receive from those around us is fear,” said one of the professionals who contracted the virus at the hospital where she works.

“Suddenly I feel that on top of the disease I have to face the change in attitude of the people around me. People are suspicious and are even afraid  to call me to see if I am ok, as if they will get the virus over the phone. Friends and acquaintances distanced themselves from us. The only ones who stuck by our side are our families.

“People are generally being irrationally mean which I don’t understand. I wonder if they will treat us the same after all this is over,” she said.

Another healthcare worker received a similar treatment, regretting being treated ‘as a criminal’ despite taking all the recommended measures from the moment she was diagnosed.

“We have stayed home from the moment we found out and contacted our personal doctor. We put others’ safety before our own and yet we are stigmatised like criminals,” she said.

Meanwhile, a nurse at Limassol Hospital tells a different story, one of compassion and solidarity from his social circle since he was found positive to the virus.

“I received a lot of love from those around me. People are calling me to see how I’m doing, which I thank them for. They really keep my spirits up.

“We also have our families standing by our side who bring us everything we need to get through this difficult time,” he said.

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