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Covid 19 variant confirmed in Cyprus


The covid-19 variant that first appeared in the UK was confirmed in Cyprus today, with the health ministry announcing that out of 19 samples of people arriving from Britain on the 6th through to December 20th, 12 contained the covid 19 variant VOC 202012/01.

The ministry noted that following ECDC instructions, it coordinated with the Institute of Neurology and Genetics on UK arrivals that tested positive on December 20, the day that UK authorities announced the existence of the variant, and 15 days prior to that.

The mutant covid has been connected to a higher viral load and faster transmission, of up to 70 percent. It is considered to have contributed to a great degree in the rapid rise of cases and hospitalisations in Europe.

The health ministry points out that ECDC recommendations focus on strict adherence to individual protection measures and intensifying epidemiological and molecular control through intensifying diagnostic tests.

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