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Covid-19: MoH calls anew on citizens to adhere to procedure for access to healthcare

The Health Ministry called on citizens anew on Friday to follow the announced procedures to report Covid-19 symptoms.

It said in particular:

-If a citizen presents suspicious symptoms related to Coronavirus, they should contact their Personal Doctor by telephone, who will evaluate their situation and provide them with initial guidance

-Access to public health centres is given only if the Personal Doctor deems it necessary and always after contacting the Epidemiological Monitoring Unit, which will arrange an appointment for the patient

-If a citizen is found positive to Covid-19 and given that their clinical condition allows it, they will remain isolated at home and will be monitored by their Personal Doctor

-Citizens are called to not visit their Personal Doctors in person, unless their doctors advise so themselves

Citizens are urged to contact their Personal Doctor by telephone and to follow their instructions.

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