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Covid-19: A round-up of the latest developments in Cyprus

19 more tested positive to Covid-19 on Monday in the Republic of Cyprus, among whom a baby from Makarios Hospital, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 465 (including ten in the British Bases).

Nine people have died so far from the virus, and another five died while infected but Covid-19 was not recorded as the final cause of death.

One more positive case was announced in the Turkish-held north on Monday evening, bringing its total to 92, and a third person has died, a 74 year old Turkish Cypriot man with underlying health conditions. Two German tourists have also died there from the virus.

Some people who were tested for Covid-19 said they experienced delays in being informed of their result according to reports, but the Health Ministry issued an announcement on Tuesday saying claims are unfounded as it has procedures in place to disseminate this information.

As far as the lockdown is concerned, the government is reportedly planning to extend the measures to the end of April. A final decision will be taken by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

At the same time, parents angered by state policy on ‘exiling’ students abroad say the they will hold the government responsible for any potential harm that comes to their children while away.

Separately, the Education Ministry issued an update to students stranded abroad on how to access their €750 allowance.

In police news, 127 were booked overnight for breaking the stay-at-home decree. 13 citizens have also filed complaints against the police since March 12 for ‘arbitrarily’ issued fines.

Meanwhile a police count reveals that from March 24 — when the government introduced tougher restrictions on movement of members of the public — to April 5 police checked 155,757 pedestrians and cars, with 4,086 booked.

Six were fined today €400 each in Paphos after police found them playing futsal despite the lockdown.

The police also issued a video asking the public to stay home to allow time to medical professionals to care for Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals.

And some good news:

The Chinese Embassy in Nicosia has donated 5,000 face masks to the Paphos.

Neo Chorio has donated €50,000 to state hospitals to buy equipment.

And 10,000 cotton buds are finding their way to Covid-19 testing labs.

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