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Courts only pushing urgent cases due to covid


The Supreme Court is virtually freezing all non-urgent cases in Cyprus courts following the latest measures on preventing the spread of covid-19.

The decision taken earlier this week is to limit the number of people in courts to the absolute minimum and therefore most cases are being postponed, at every level and jurisdiction, at least until January 10th, in order to protect public health, with the exception of urgent trials and processes.

Cases that will go through include certain civil lawsuits, mainly applications for interim court orders in highly urgent cases. The degree of urgency will be decided by the judge.

This might include trials or appeals on property auction processes, Habeas Corpus warrants, cases of wanted individuals and urgent political asylum cases.

On criminal cases, judges will prioritise and push forward cases where the accused are in custody, where police are seeking remands against suspects, appeals where the accused is serving a sentence or is in custody, or any appeal that might be considered as urgent.

Violations of covid directives are also excluded from the case freeze out, as are violations of the violence in the family relevant legislation, according to urgency.

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