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Countries signing EastMed agreement only exercise their sovereign rights

Cooperation for the implementation of the EastMed project is not directed against anyone, Deputy Government Spokesman Panayiotis Sentonas said on Monday.

And that by the signing on January 2 of the intergovernmental agreement concerning the EastMed pipeline in Athens, the countries involved – that is Cyprus, Greece and Israel – only exercise their sovereign rights.

“Common goals and approaches were substantially reaffirmed and it was decided for the intergovernmental agreement to be signed on January 2nd as an act by which the countries involved exercise their sovereign rights,” he added.

Sentonas also said that one cannot adopt communication tricks on foreign policy issues, particularly given what is currently going on in the region.

“This is the first step towards the implementation of the EastMed project. It is an act of cooperation of the countries involved and is not in any case an initiative targeting anyone else,” he added.

Moreover he underlined that the EastMed is a major project and its implementation will take time.

‘‘It is a difficult endeavour which is currently at the phase of the detailed technical reports. It is a project funded by the EU and this is important for us because we consider that it touches upon the EU energy plans’’, he said.


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