News Coronavirus Coronavirus: Which businesses will close and which will remain open under lockdown

Coronavirus: Which businesses will close and which will remain open under lockdown

These are the retail businesses that will remain open and those that will close following the President’s lockdown announcement on Monday night in effect from 6 pm on Tuesday March 24 until 6 am on April 13:


Vital businesses that will remain open are food and drink sellers (supermarkets, grocery stores, butchers, fishmongers, bakeries, pastry shops, wine cellars), pharmacies, gas stations, establishments that provide food and drink services provided they do so by delivery (restaurants, coffee shops, bars), establishments providing drive through services, kiosks and mini markets.

Also open will be private health services (clinical labs) and car wash businesses, given they apply all announced prevention measures.

The above services are not allowed to sell products sold by retail companies whose operation is suspended.


-Any form of open markets, bazaars and street vendors

-Building sites with the exception of social utility projects that will obtain a special permit from the Minister of Transport

-Gatherings at churches, mosques and other prayer establishments is prohibited

-The Easter tradition of ‘Lambradjia’ is prohibited and any such preparations will be removed by police

-The operation of all retail businesses is suspended except for the following:

Businesses and workshops of disabled and orthopaedic merchandise

Businesses and workshops of medical and industrial gases and machinery

Opticians and their workshops

Hearing aids retailers

Car and motorbike workshops

Tyre retailers

Businesses selling and repairing bicycles

Dry cleaners

Courier services

Businesses selling pet food or vet medicine

Telecommunication providers (for bill payments, top-ups, repairs and replacements of mobile devices)

Businesses selling pesticides, fertilisers and other agricultural equipment

Car and motor vehicle dealers

Funeral offices

Flower shops and garden centres

All retail businesses, including the above, are allowed to provide electronic or telephone commerce services with home delivery.

All retail businesses that are allowed to remain open should abide by all measures announced to prevent the spread of Covid-19, including ensuring that no crowding takes place inside stores (one person per 8 m2).

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