News Local Coronavirus: Volunteer teams to pay home visits to support vulnerable

Coronavirus: Volunteer teams to pay home visits to support vulnerable

Volunteers will visit the vulnerable at home to supply food, medicine and other essentials under an initiative launched by the Labour Ministry in cooperation with the Commissioner for Volunteerism, the NGO Reaction and the Bank of Cyprus.

The mobile teams will get to work on Monday. They will visit those who cannot leave their house or do not have family or others to supply them with essentials.

The scheme is being coordinated by the Commissioner for Volunteerism Yiannakis Yiannaki.

Among the people to be supported are confirmed and suspect coronavirus cases who are in self-isolation at home under the instructions of the Health Ministry.

Others requiring help can convey their needs through local authorities, NGOs active on health and disability issues and other volunteers.

Volunteers registered at the office of the Commissioner will be joined by others whose names have been submitted by the Labour Ministry, political parties, associations and companies provided they register at the office of the Commissioner for Volunteerism so that they are covered by insurance.

The volunteers will be trained and will adhere to the instructions for self-protection drawn up in cooperation with the Health Ministry.

The Labour Ministry will work with supermarkets and pharmacies for the items and medicine needed.

Minister Zeta Emilianidou has thanked all those who have offered to help.

Image by Kristin Baldeschwiler from Pixabay

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