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Coronavirus: T/Cypriot authorities shutter shops, companies, impose entry ban

Turkish Cypriot authorities have banned entry to northern Cyprus to everyone except citizens and ‘legal residents’ effective from today until April 1.

They have also shuttered the public service with the exception of basic services (police, hospitals etc)  and ordered the closure of shops, companies, with the exception of pharmacies, bakeries and supermarkets until March 27.

There are five confirmed cases of coronavirus in northern Cyprus — four German tourists and a Turkish Cypriot who had travelled to the UK.

Decisions taken late last night by ‘cabinet’:

1.           All public officials, except ‘police, ‘fire service’, hospitals, civil aviation are on administrative leave until March 27

2.           All shops, companies, casinos, night clubs etc are closed until March 27. Supermarkets, bakeries, petrol stations and pharmacies are open

3.           People should stay home unless they have an obligation to go somewhere

4.           From March 14 to April 1 all the ports of entry (airport, ports, checkpoints) are open only to citizens and legal residents

5.           Turkish Cypriots returning from abroad, irrespective of the country, must self-isolate for 14 days and will be prosecuted if they do not comply

6.           All mass gatherings at mosques are prohibited from March 14 to April 1. Smaller gatherings are permitted.

7.           Famagusta Hospital has been designated as the quarantine hospital



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