News Local Coronavirus: One arrest, 22 denied entry in northern Cyprus

Coronavirus: One arrest, 22 denied entry in northern Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot authorities have arrested a 69 year old man who arrived in northern Cyprus two days ago from abroad but did not comply with instructions to self-isolate, the Cyprus News Agency reports.

The man, a Turkish Cypriot, was arrested at 6 am on Monday at the Turkish Cypriot side of Ayios Dhometios checkpoint where he went in order to cross into the government-controlled areas.

Police in the north were also called in to take statements from a group of tour guides who had visited a colleague in quarantine at a hotel near Turkish-held Famagusta for a week. The tour guides had posted a photo of their visit on social media saying that they wanted to show their solidarity.

Four German tourists have tested positive for coronavirus in the north, and  authorities there have placed the three hotels where they and other tourists they came into contact with were staying in lock down. Another two Turkish Cypriots, both of who flew back from Luton through Larnaca Airport, have also tested negative.

According to the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Havadis, 22 people — Turkish and third country nationals, who flew to the north yesterday were not allowed entry. They were all detained at the airport to be sent back to Turkey today.

The Turkish Cypriot media also reports on protests outside the prisons over the living conditions of inmates and the risk of them contracting the virus. Police were called in and there were ten arrests.

As regards Turkish Cypriots  working at the British Bases, the Turkish Cypriot authorities have urged them not to go to work today after two members of the British forces community at RAF Akrotiri tested positive. Discussions will be held with the SBA authorities, they added.

Meanwhile, business at supermarkets is lower today but there are a lot of empty shelves in northern Cyprus and many supermarkets are urging consumers not to buy more than three of each item. The news agency said that the sale of ready food at supermarkets, cold and hot, has been prohibited with the exception of pasta.

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